Top 5 benefits of a winter wedding

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Although there is no denying that summer is the most popular time of year to get married, choosing a winter wedding still has its benefits. From practical considerations, such as being able to book your favourite Sheffield wedding venue, to the romantic things, like taking photos in the morning frost, here are just a few reasons to consider a winter wedding.

Don’t get frozen out of your dream wedding venue

Anyone who has tried to book a wedding during the peak season will know that booking early is essential to securing your dream venue, and by early we mean as far as two years in advance. From May to August the most desirable venues, including churches, will be fully booked up throughout the summer months with so much competition. For this reason, booking your wedding during the winter months will allow you a much better selection of venues for a range of dates that suit you. Most winter weddings also often come with discounts attached.

Short notice wedding

On a similar theme to the previous point, booking a wedding at short notice can often seem like a romantic thing to do just after you pop the big question, but during the summer this could mean having to settle for a midweek date or not securing your first choice venue. During the winter you’ll find short notice wedding dates easier to come by and with our adaptable venues such as Halifax Hall you can make your day as big or as intimate as you like.

Wedding Photos

There’s nothing more romantic than frost or snow for those wedding photos. Our withUS wedding venues are all located just a short drive from the scenic Peak District National Park, which can offer stunning views for your photos. Closer afield and you’ll find the Botanical Gardens or even the garden at our very own Halifax Hall Hotel, which can also look beautifully stunning when the autumn leaves are on the ground and our pond is frozen.

Winter wonderland wedding

Choosing a winter wedding often dictates the decorations that you’ll choose for your big day. Aside from the obvious inclusion of snow men, Christmas trees and mistletoe, it also gives you the opportunity to turn your dream wedding venue into a winter wonderland. Winter themed mood lighting, rustic tree branches and an ice sculpture are all ideas that can help give your big day that wow factor. Now all you need is a snow queen inspired wedding dress, hair-piece or make up.

Make your menu seasonal

If you choose a withUS venue for your big day then you’ll be treated to gold standard catering from our various kitchen teams. However, with a winter wedding you might want to embrace the time of year by throwing in some seasonal selections that everyone loves. How about mince pies and mulled wine on arrival at the reception or a gloriously cooked roast turkey for your main? All ideas that will help people remember the unique touches that your winter wedding had.

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