What is the GeniUS Reward Scheme? 
It is a food & drink loyalty scheme that packs three benefits into one pocket-sized masterpiece; 5p for every £1 you spend, receive exclusive offers and discounts open only to registered GeniUS account holders and top up your account with cash and spend using your app or card– It’s GeniUS! 

Can I use my GeniUS account anywhere on campus?
You can use your GeniUS app or card across our GeniUS outlets – a range of 17 cafés & bars. Certain outlets located within the Students’ Union are run independently.
Can I top up my students’ GeniUS account as a  parent/carer remotely?
Yes. Simply login to the account using the set up login details and password and follow the on-screen instructions. You can do this as little and as often as you wish.
Can I use my GeniUS points on anything?
Almost. You can use your points across campus on anything you wish except for alcohol or cigarettes.