Food Safety FAQs

The following FAQs relate to the University’s obligation to ensure the safety of food and drink provided to staff, students and guests, and the agreement that Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS) will oversee and manage all catering for official University events.

How do I know that food provided by Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS) is safe?

We have very robust food safety codes of practice which have been independently verified by Highfield Limited, an external food hygiene and food safety consultancy, and also by Sheffield City Council Department of Environmental Health.

The University of Sheffield is a member of TUCO (The University Caterers’ Organisation) who carry out audits on all suppliers listed on the TUCO recommended suppliers list. In addition ACS also carries out audits, as a matter of course, on any additional new suppliers that are procured outside of the TUCO agreement.

What makes ACS qualified to carry out audits? 

A number of ACS staff have obtained the Advanced Food Hygiene qualification which means they are qualified to audit external suppliers to ensure their standards meet the University’s requirements.

Why can’t I continue to use suppliers I’m already using? 

The University’s Health and Safety Committee has agreed that ACS will provide all catering for University events. This is because we have a legal obligation to show that we have been diligent about the health and safety of staff, students and guests.

Why can’t you just carry out a supplier audit on the company I regularly use? 

As above, unless a supplier offers a specialist service which ACS is unable to provide, you should use gUSto delivered hospitality to ensure the safety of your guests.

External providers are cheaper than gUSto delivered hospitality – why can’t I use them? 

We benchmark our prices regularly against competitors to ensure that we are offering value for money. If you think that there is a significant price difference between gUSto delivered hospitality and an external provider, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.