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GeniUS Card terms & conditions

1. The value is used to purchase food and drink items, which are individually priced.

2.  Cash cardholders are responsible for registering their card against their account before it can be used to purchase items. Cards will not work until they have been registered.

3.  Accounts will be automatically credited on a weekly basis for students on the catered package. (This applies to residence contract holders in Carrisbrook, Jonas and Stephenson). The catered week runs from Sunday to the following Saturday.

4. Any allowance remaining at the end of each week will roll over to subsequent weeks.

5. Catered accommodation allowances are only applied during term time (31 weeks in total). There is no allowance over Christmas or Easter breaks.

6. The card can be used while ever you are at the University as a registered student, or a staff member.

7. We cannot accept cancellations to the packages unless a student is leaving the university. Should this be the case, please notify us in writing at the address below as soon as possible. a. There are no refunds for any unspent balances for catered accommodation. For catered students the Genius card will only be cancelled in line with the Termination Policy of The Residences Contract. b. Cash balances (i.e. where accounts have been topped up directly, not catered accommodation allowances) may be refunded less an administration charge of £10.

8. Cards must be presented for all transactions; the provision of items will be refused without a valid card and you will be required to use an alternative payment method for any purchases made.

9. The card may not be used for purchases of alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, event tickets, laundry, and room bookings. Other exclusions apply.

10. The card has a microchip embedded in it. Please take care not to damage the card – it should not be bent, punctured or defaced in any way. Do not attach your card to a key ring.

11. If you lose your card you must block it via the web portal. You are liable for its use until you have blocked it. You can then register a replacement card via the same portal.

12. The University will not be responsible for any losses incurred on lost or stolen cards.

13. Cards are not transferable and must only be used by the registered cardholder. Misuse of the card will result in disciplinary action being taken.

14. The University retains the right to block cards not being used by the registered cardholder.

15. If you withdraw from the University you must return your card with your room keys.16.The University accepts no liability if unable to accept card payments due to technical problems.

17. Cards are only valid in outlets managed by Accommodation and Commercial Services and UNICUS Sheffield Ltd. Cashless cards cannot be used at Halifax Hall Hotel. Other exclusions may apply.

18. The University of Sheffield shall not be held responsible, or deemed to be in breach of service, by being unable to provide meal services in any catering outlet due to force majeure or any other cause beyond the University’s control.

19. GeniUS card replaces the eatwithUS brand. eatwithUS branded cards can still be used, and these Terms and Conditions apply to them.

20. Terms and conditions are subject to change.