Where to stay with us

Here at the University of Sheffield we have a wide range of accommodation options available to suit your needs. Halifax Hall offers the classic luxury hotel experience, perfect for a weekend getaway or an overnight conference trip. Jonas is our modern hybrid hotel, which combines stylish rooms with large communal spaces, for stays between a night and six months. Our Studio 300 apartments provide you with your own space for longer term stays, whilst we also have over 3000 bedrooms available outside of term time at Endcliffe.

Halifax Hall Hotel exterior front
Jonas Hotel reception
Accommodation kitchen area
Halifax Hall Hotel bedroom

Halifax Hall Hotel

Halifax Hall is a boutique hotel located on the west side of Sheffield city centre. The former Victorian manor house boasts 38 luxurious…

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Jonas Hotel

Jonas Hotel is in the heart of the Ranmoor/Endcliffe residences. It is a space where the needs of diverse groups of people, all travelling…

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