Wrap Up Sheffield

Help US Wrap UP Sheffield this Winter

January and February are typically the coldest months of the year and with weather forecasters already suggesting this winter is going to be even colder than normal we want to help those people who suffer from the elements the most.

The commercial team at The University of Sheffield are working with the Cathedral Archer Project to collect coats, scarves, jumpers and warm clothing for people who are most in need in Sheffield.

If you are attending a meeting, conference, dinner or any event at The University of Sheffield at either Halifax Hall, The Edge or at Inox throughout January and February 2020 and would like to donate any warm clothing please click the link below to inform us that you wish to do so, what clothing you will be donating & the date of your donation.

Click to email Steve Timmins

Working with the Cathedral Archer Project is a hugely valuable relationship because of the work they do which includes:

  • The Cathedral Archer Project helps homeless and vulnerable adults to lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives. They believe that every person who comes through their doors is an individual with talents, the ability to live a healthy, sustainable life, and who, in time and with support, will have aspirations they want to achieve. It is their experience, supported by research, that through building positive relationships, they can help people change their lives for the better.
  • The work supporting vulnerable adults often involves helping people overcome experiences in their past. Childhood and past trauma can have effects throughout adult life, and so the organisation provides a safe and welcoming space where people can gain confidence, build relationships and start to create aspirations that will help them move away from homelessness and create their own stable and fulfilling life.
  • Offering 1:1 support to help people deal with situations and circumstances that need to be addressed immediately. This includes food and clothing but more often it is help to contact people or other agencies, or simply a listening ear in a time of crisis.
  • Delivering positive and resourceful use of time. Using time well builds confidence and self-esteem, it helps to motivate, inspire and improve mental wellbeing. At the Cathedral Archer Project there are a number of ways people can use their time differently. From an activities programme offering English and maths classes, cooking skills, a photography group, art activities amongst others, to volunteering opportunities, where people can get involved helping to prepare meals in the kitchen, manage the laundry and sort through donations. The organisations’ experience suggests that being part of a team and taking on responsibility stimulates further desire to change and achieve.
  • At the Cathedral Archer Project the aim is to support people to create and manage a fulfilling and enjoyable life. ‘Just Works’ offers people who the organisation works with and those from other organisations the chance of fulfilment and employment. If people are going to successfully move forward from a place of support into full-time work, there needs to be an overlap. ‘Just Works’ provides this opportunity for people wanting to transform their life. ‘Just Works’ provides a supportive environment with activities ranging from yoga to days out, budgeting support alongside employment in one of their micro-businesses.

Support in 2018

Number of people we supported:                             Over 1,300

Number of breakfasts we served:                             Over 11,000

Average number of people seen every day:          75

Number of food parcels handed out:                       862

2019 Christmas Campaign: https://www.archerproject.org.uk/article121/silentnightlonelynight

What is involved: From Sleeping Bag to Employment: https://www.archerproject.org.uk/article116/whatwedosleepingbagtoemployment

We all know what it’s like to be cold – and it’s not a good feeling! We don’t all know what it’s like to be homeless and so please help by donating any clothing that you don’t need any longer to The University of Sheffield winter “Help US Wrap UP Sheffield” campaign with the Cathedral Archer Project.